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Welcome to Alt Engineering

Manufacturers and suppliers of precision metal pressings and stainless steel angle brackets across the UK

Established in 1975 Alt Engineering Company has been a supplier of metal pressings and tooling for over 35 years, specialising in zinc plated and stainless steel angle brackets. Situated in Lancashire on the edge of the Pennines, the company offers a full service supplying product and services across a wide spectrum of industry.

With our experienced staff and resources we can advise on product design for production purposes starting with a prototype model or drawing, through to volume production.

We are also equipped to carry out welding, finishing and assembly work including packaging ready for sale if required.

Suppliers of metal pressings and angle brackets across various sectors of industry throughout the UK including:

  • Standard items such as 19mm stainless steel angle brackets also available as zinc plated and mild steel for the furniture industry in large or small volume.
  • Brackets and fittings for the lighting industry.
  • Industrial door parts.
  • Fabrications and fixing posts for net and wire systems to the bird control sector.
  • Toolmaking facility for new products requiring volume production.

For more information on precision metal pressings, stainless steel angle brackets or 19mm angle brackets available mild steel and zinc plating, please call 01457 873 479

Why use
Alt Engineering?

  • Short Lead Time
  • Competitive Prices
  • Always available to discuss any changes on specification.
  • Effective communication on suitability of design for production purposes


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